May 2021
1st prize for the new construction of a regional school in Bützow
WB Bützow Winking Froh Architekten

At the end of May, the design by Winking - Froh Architekten for the new construction of a regional school in Bützow, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, was awarded 1st prize. On the site of a former sawmill, classrooms, six workshops, an assembly hall and a refectory for grades 5 to 10 for nearly 350 pupils are being built with a usable floor space of 5,700 m². The timber-frame building with a façade of heat-treated larch is positioned as a meander on the elongated and spacious site. It forms the entrance area as a new building ensemble, incorporating the existing sports hall. The guiding idea of the design is the interweaving of the school's interior and exterior spaces; they are interlocked with each other. The building is a unified structure of two-storey houses that tie together into a whole through their structure and material. The foyer as the central space forms the heart of the passageway. The construction costs are estimated at around 11 million euros.