November 2021
1st prize for the extension Paul-Nevermann-Platz 5 Hamburg-Altona
Paul Nevermann Platz Winking Froh

The design for the new building at Paul-Nevermann-Platz 5 was awarded 1st prize on 20 October. The extension connects to the fire walls of the former Kaiserhof, resumes the historical spatial edges and develops an independent structure in interaction with the existing high-rise building designed by Helmut Hentrich and Hubert Petschnigg and completed in 1963. The ground floor and first floor accommodate two bank branches, while offices and medical practices are planned for the upper floors. The western wing of the building, facing the green corridor, is reserved for special forms of housing, housing for the elderly and a hospice. The jury was convinced by the "concise and at the same time city-calming design". The new building forms a convincing overall figure with the "former Kaiserhof adjoining to the south". The 18-storey office tower was already extensively renovated in 2007 by Winking  Froh Architekten.