October 2019
Breaking Ground for Europaplatz Heidelberg
Max-Planck-Ring Europaplatz Heidelberg Winking Froh Architekten

Construction for the central area of the new „Bahnstadt“ at Heidelberg’s Main Station has started in October. According to the winning scheme by Winking · Froh  Architekten in the competition of 2019, client Gustav-Zech-Stiftung from Bremen is realizing six buildings. The new urban quarter between the main train station and the planned congress center on the Czernyring will mix diffferent uses: A four-star plus hotel with over 300 rooms, a residential building with 100 rental apartments and other buildings for offices and administration. Under the plaza there is a partially public parking garage for 1600 bicycles and 750 cars. At the moment the construction site is being set up and the excavation for the parking garage is being done. After a total of three years of construction, the 300 million project will be completed in 2022.