October 2020
Start of construction in Gartenstadt Werdersee in Bremen
Winking Froh Gartenstadt Werdersee Bremen

In the garden city Werdersee, three multi-storey apartment buildings and several rows of terraced houses have been under construction since October 2020. The multi-storey buildings will be strung together to form larger volumes using a uniform, consistent choice of materials. A four-storey building is being constructed on the boulevard, which will be reduced to three storeys facing the green Anger. It contains a total of nine subsidised and three assisted flats and a day-care centre designed for 120 children. An additional one-storey wing forms a small playground in the inner area. Our office was the winner of the realisation and ideas competition "Auftakt Gartenstadt Werdersee" in autumn 2017. The client is GEWOBA Aktiengesellschaft Wohnen und Bauen in Bremen.