May 2019
Topping out at Heilwig grammar school
Perspektive Turnalle und Erweiterungsbau Heilwig Gymnasium

Construction works for the addition of the Heilwig grammar school in Hamburg-Alsterdorf are proceeding as scheduled. Thus the building was due for topping out on May 10th, which Winking · Froh  Architects were celebrating together with the pupils and the project partners. In addition to the half-sunken gymnasium, the new building offers barrier-free access for both, the new and the existing gymnasiums. Eight steel trusses span the sports hall from wall to wall of the concrete tank. Together with the pre-cast concrete slabs, the pre-fabricated trusses speed up the building process and enable a flexible location of the non-bearing classroom-walls. The walling of the yellowish brick approaches the materiality of the protected school monument of 1966, whereas the conical white soffits display the constructive rhythm on the outside. The remaining time for completion is about half a year, so that the pupils will be able to enjoy their extended sports facilities and four additional classrooms by the end of fall.