February 2022
Competition win in Düsseldorf NRW.BANK
NRW.BANK Düsseldorf Winking Froh

In the future, NRW.BANK plans to unite all employees at the Düsseldorf location in a new building. In this context, the state-owned development bank launched a competition from which the Düsseldorf architect Paul Raphael Schägner and Winking · Froh  Architekten emerged as the winners. The site is prominently located in the middle of Düsseldorf's government district on Haroldstrasse. An ensemble of two timber hybrid skyscrapers, an atrium building and a tower approaching 100 meters and over 40 meters high on a plinth, accommodates 1400 workplaces, event space and a café open to the public. The new building sets exemplary ecological standards, and the aim is to achieve certification in accordance with the DGNB Platinum standard. The design in the structural engineering realization competition was convincing due to the "interior qualities of the work, which promote collaborative working at numerous well-chosen points" and the naturalness with which the new building fits into the urban context.