July 2020
Winner of the competition for residential construction Alanbrooke Quartier Paderborn
paderborn_alanbrroke quartier_winking_froh

In the competition for the new construction of the Alanbrooke Quartier residential development in Paderborn, Winking - Froh Architekten won one of two 2nd prizes, a 1st prize was not awarded. The various construction sites will be realised by the two prize-winning offices. An ensemble of point houses and angular multi-storey residential buildings, together with the 2.50 m sloping terrain from west to east, creates a differentiated interplay of cubatures. Views and path relationships further strengthen this impression. While materiality and facades with their calm style bring the buildings together as a whole ensemble, powerful structures and moving open spaces create space for individuality. The open space captivates with its clear zoning into the generous promenade in the north and more intimate neighbourhood courtyards in the south. A total of 165 apartments in subsidised and freely financed housing construction are planned on three construction sites. Great importance is attached to a slight adjustment of floor plans and apartment sizes to future developments in order to be able to react to the life cycle of the residents and social changes.