Michael Sägesser

Geschäftsführung, Projektleitung

Michael Sägesser, managing director at Winking · Froh  Architekten, graduated as an architect from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, ETH in Zurich. During his studies, he worked at the professorship for structural engineering and examined local historical buildings for archeology and monument conservation in Zug after his graduation. He then moved to Berlin, where he worked on several competitions and studies as free lancer for different clients. Michael Sägesser has been working as a project manager for the Berlin office of Winking · Froh  Architekten since 2009. Michael Sägesser is a member of the Berlin Chamber of Architects and joined the management of Winking · Froh in 2017. With Martin Froh and Bernhard Winking they won the competition at the Stadthaus am Markt in Frankfurt am Main, at Fischbeker Heidbrook in Hamburg and at Europaplatz in Heidelberg. In addition to participating in competitions and designs, he is leading projects in all phases of the work and in different project constellations, including as general planner. He is realizing numerous housing projects for the public sector, but also for private clients in Berlin, Hamburg and Bremen.