Überseequartier Baufeld 10

Project type
Auftrag nach Gutachten
Hafenkantengesellschaft Bremen
Living units

The design for site 10 of Bremer Hafenkante was based on the desire for four almost equal, independently developable sites with an address on Kommodore Johnsen Boulevard. Nevertheless, the quarter was to be created as an urban building block from a single "cast". Five-storey houses were built along the streets in combination with three-storey rows within the development area as a new interpretation of the "Bremer Haus". A total of 305 mainly publicly subsidised housing units are planned. In addition, there will be one office building per plot in the quarter, which is designed as a mixed-use area. Two years after the start of construction, the first two of a total of four construction sites on Kommodore-Johnsen Boulevard were completed in June 2020. The two construction sites still under construction are expected to be ready for occupancy in summer 2021.