Beijing, China

International Airport, A 380 Plane Hangar

The new A 38 0 hangar of the capital airport of Beijjing allows 6 large capacity aircrafts to be parked and maintained. A hall of the gigantic size of 350 x 110m, build to hold the most valuable aircraft. The hangar is build in highest architectural art like a precious wrapping resembling a glass cabinet. Not excitement of form and construction is the centre but constructive clarity and transparency. Spectacular will be its content - especially the new A 380 as novelty and fascination of modern aviation. The construction of the hangar is as a filigree steel skeleton construction design. The steel skeleton construction of the supply building is designed to take on a strutting function for the hangar construction.The simplicity of the static systems and the economy of the construction guarantee a reasonable and rapid method of construction. The facades and the eight piece gate construction are spaciously glazed with neutral, radar suitable insulated glass.