Hangzhou, China

Urban Renewal Hubin District

The twenty-two houses are developed by critical reconstruction of traditional chinese architecture such as the lilongs and european kolonial style buildings. At the west face of the new quarter along Hubin Road there is „The arcade of fifty pillars“. Open path and lanes lead into five piazzettas, triangled courtyards with a cosy atmosphere. The tranquil atmosphere will be strengthened by the garden which is rebuild at its old place. Seven bridges cross the water in the courtyards. The block is not closed. According to the traditional chinese city there are narrow pathes between houses. At Pin Hai and Dong Po Road two towers react to the hight of the Hayett Hotel Complex. Like modern glazed pagodas they mark the entrance into the new quarter. The housing types are transformed from old Hangzhou houses such as lilongs. But also single villas, chinese „pharmacy“ and typical row houses. The two parts of the development are united to one by this public space with the canal in its middle. It brings back the old Hangzhou Feeling that the Venetian traveller Marco Polo loved so much. The bluegrey colored brick will characterize the new quarter. Natural materials with its own colors will give the development a noble and longlasting appearence. Only the arcade is made of white sandstone. The gates and base courses are made of grey granite. Windows for shops in the first and second floor are made of bronze, on the upper floors they are made of red colored wood. The modern Venetian Blends of stainless steel grids will give the buildings a shining surface like Hangzhou silk.